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Dr. David Slatton - Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Welcome to the website of David Sterling Slatton, MD Plastic Surgery..

If you're a current patient, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to fulfull your aesthetic surgery needs. If you're a new visitor, we look forward to meeting you and exploring the wonderful options available for enhancing your natural beauty through cosmetic plastic surgery.

Dr Slatton specializes in plastic surgery of the body, breast and face.

About the Office/Amenities

Our office is located in the Auburn Woods Office Complex in Carmel, Indiana.  Carmel is a suburb of Indianapolis, and we are located in Indianapolis on the Northwest corner and within a mile of Zionsville, another suburb of Indianapolis. 

We are in a convenient location to Interstate 465 and within a mile of the Michigan Road exit.

Our office provides our patients with the privacy and convenience they need for appointments and office visits. Dr. Slatton performs the majority of his plastic surgery procedures at a hospital which provides his patients with comfort, convenience, and safety.  Dr. Slatton also performs office procedures and minor surgeries with local anesthesia in his office.

The  staff at David Sterling Slatton, MD Plastic Surgery is friendly, accommodating, and will ensure your comfort and privacy. In our office you will see Dr. Slatton’s original oil paintings and drawings, some of which are displayed here on our website.

Practice Philosophy:

Dr. Slatton is committed to providing his patients with the excellent care throughout the process of their plastic surgical procedure. When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Slatton will personally take the time that you need to discuss your procedure of interest and goals for improving your appearance. 


Dr. Slatton News

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