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Testimonials of patients of David Sterling Slatton, MD

Dear Dr. Slatton, Thank you for enhancing my life! I just wanted to that this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful work. You listened to my desires and concerns. With your eye for detail, today I feel my body is proportionate. The overall appearance of my breast size and shape is exactly what I had hoped. To my surprise even the surgical experience was easy with minimal pain. Words cannot explain how grateful I am of you, your work, and endless patience. Forever grateful...(breast augmentation patient)

Dear Dr. Slatton, It’s been 11 weeks since the surgery. I feel good and less sore as each day passes. The results of this surgery are absolutely phenomenal! My waist has never been this small and the new curves and shape to my mid area are wonderful. I want to thank you for this wonderful work. Not only has it changed me physically but also emotionally. This change has helped my self-esteem tremendously. I always had a fat tummy even as a child. Some women never have flat stomachs and I was one of them. Diets and exercise would never remove the excess rolls around my waist and after time it becomes frustrating. Needless to say, childbirth did not help the fat! Your talented hands have made a total difference in how I see myself. While beauty truly “only skin deep”, and not by what we always see, please know that you have helped me in both ways. Through your talented hands you give to others and that is huge. You are gifted! I appreciated the attention and detail that you gave me from the start of my procedure until the end. I have spoken to others who have had the same surgery and their Doctor didn’t give them the special care you gave me. The little things are just as important as the big things. My husband and I agree you are the best out there! I will be contacting you within the next 6 to 8 months to have the other procedures scheduled. I will plan to take a weeks vacation from work to have it done. I cannot express anymore how happy I am with your work. You have amazing hands. My husband is absolutely thrilled with what you did to my body. Best to you and sincere gratitude …(tummy tuck, liposuction patient)

Dear Dr. Slatton,  There are no words to express my gratitude for the wonderful job you did, changing the schedule to accommodate my family crisis, always being there for support and helping me change my life back into a healthy, active woman again!!!  You have a five star reference here. (breast reduction patient)

I appreciate everything you have done! (breast reduction patient)

Just a note to say Thank-you for my great body!  My face looks great and you did an awesome job with the Botox.   Thanks again for the self-confidence    (tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, lift, and Botox patient)

Dr. Slatton & personnel,  I wanted to thank you for my consult and the opportunity to meet you in person.  I researched breast augmentation online for many months and keep coming back to your website.   I am scheduling my surgery and just wanted you to know how comfortable I feel doing this and look forward to having it done.  I talked this over in great length with my husband and am pleased to have his full support and blessing.  Again thank you...(breast augmentation patient)

I am doing very well, you are a very talented and compassionate Doctor.  I feel lucky to have picked you as my surgeon.  I’ll be back in 6 months for the Lipo. Thank-you (tummy tuck patient)

Another fine job and I thank you, may all the goods you do for others come back to you. Warmly. (breast reduction, tummy tuck, liposuction, eyelid surgery patient)

Dr. Slatton & Staff  Thank you so much for taking such great care of me!  Your concern and support for my well being was beyond my expectations.  Thank you and your receptionist for making me feel like your only patient!  Enjoy the flowers! (tummy tuck, liposuction patient)

Dear Dr. Slatton, How does one begin to thank a person for such a priceless gift?  Last Friday I watched my daughter’s face be changed forever by a trusted family pet.  Those hours in the emergency room gave me time to mourn the loss of her dear expression.  I considered how different her life would be, how she might always feel sadness when she looked in the mirror.  Through my tears I also realized how much worse this could have been.  I simply cannot express our family’s gratitude for the work you did with her.  You have been blessed with profound gifts that transcend artistry.  I praise God for bringing you to (the ER) that night to help Him heal my daughter.  Each time we see her smile, we will be reminded of this great blessing!  With deepest gratitude….(mother of patient with facial injuries)

Dear Dr. Slatton, I want to thank-you for the excellent job you did with my 16 month old son.  I am both grateful and appreciative that you came to the emergency room late Friday night.  I am very thankful that my son will have minimal scarring because of your skill and expertise.  Thank-you for taking the time to come and suture my son’s face.  My son’s face is healing well, thanks to you.  You have made a difference in his life and I want you to know how much it means to me. Sincerely …(mother of patient with facial injuries)