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Thigh Lift Indianapolis, Indiana

Inner and Outer Thigh Lift Surgery in Indianapolis, IN 

Thigh & Butt Lift SurgeryLaxity of skin of the outer and inner thigh skind can develop after weight gain and subsequent loss.  Inner thigh skin laxity may develop with aging and weight gain and may require correction with skin and fat removal to tighten the Inner thigh region. 

Medial Thigh Lift operation involves removing an eliptical wedge of skin along the thigh/groin crease and can be done with liposuction of the inner thigh if fat deposits in this region contribute to the problem. For patients with severe skin laxity from massive weight loss, the inner thigh skin is removed in a longitudinal fashion along the axis of the inner thigh from the groin to the knee.   

Outer Thigh Lift Surgery is performed for outer thigh skin laxity and is combined with lifting of the Buttock.  This procedure is known as a Transverse Thigh Buttock Lift.