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Revision Breast Augmentation, Implants, Enhancement, Breast Lift in Indianapolis, IN

Breast Enhancement/Augmentation/Implant Revision

Breast Augmentation can be a life changing procedure that creates a feeling and look for you that enhance self esteem and general well being.  As time progresses, changes may occur in breast size and appearance due to weight fluctuation, the normal aging process, implant deflation or leakage, pregnancy and breast feeding.  A desire for larger, smaller, or more lifted appearance may also be a motivation for breast augmentation revision surgery.   Sometimes, breast implant surgery does not produce the appearance desired, or scar tissue may develop around breast implants (capsular contracture), and the implant position may shift over time. Malposition, asymmetry, bottoming out, implant rippling, symmastia or double bubble may have occurred as time has passed.

Options for breast augmentation revision surgery include:

  • Correction by removal of older implants which may have deflated or degraded and replacement with new implants using newer generation silicone or saline breast implants with further.
  • Further Enhancement by placement of larger implants, or reduction in size by replacement with smaller implants and possible use of a short scar mastopexy procedure.
  • Revising the internal scar (capsule) around the implants or removing the capsule completely.
  • Revising bottomed out augmented breasts and/or rippling.
  • Treating  symmastia (when breasts implant capsules are too close or contiguous)
  • Correction of another surgeon’s procedure with which you may not be satisfied.

Dr. David Slatton in Carmel Indiana will be able to assess your concerns regarding your previous breast implant surgery.  He will work with you to make a plan for a successful breast augmentation revision surgery.  It is important to have your implant manufacturer’s information with you at the time of your consultation with our office.  To make an appointment, email our office.  

Breast Lift Revision

Breast lift (Mastopexy) surgery may occasionally require revision.  Recurrent sagging (ptosis) and scarring are common reasons for seeking breast lift surgery revision.  If implants had been placed at the same time as breast lift surgery, additional surgery on the implant capsule and possible replacement of the implants may be necessary.  Dr. David Slatton has extensive experience in revision of breast lift procedures with and without implants.  He will listen  carefully  to your concerns and work with you to obtain the lift, position and volume that you desire.

Breast Reduction Revision

Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty) is a very satisfying procedure to many women in that it alleviates upper back pain, neck pain, and bra strap grooving.  Because the appearance of the breasts is extremely important, revision Breast reduction may be desired for a number of reasons.  If weight gain has occurred since the last breast reduction procedure, a secondary breast reduction may help reduce the volume of heavy breasts that have developed with weight gain.  Scarring and asymmetry may also have occurred from the initial breast reduction, and these problems can be corrected with revision surgery.  Excess tissue in the tail of the breast (breast rolls) can often be treated with liposuction.

The costs of any breast revision procedure will vary depending on the procedure performed.  Implants that have deflated will have certain manufacturer’s warranties, and replacement of breast implants will affect the cost of the procedure.  If a reduction mammaplasty was covered by insurance, secondary breast reduction may or may not be covered by one’s health insurance policy.

Choosing a plastic surgeon for Breast Revision Surgery:  Breast revision surgery requires a plastic surgeon’s skill, in depth knowledge and years of training in order for the surgery to be performed safely with the goal of satisfaction with you appearance in mind.  Only choose a plastic surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to perform you breast revison surgery. Go to the website for the American Board of Plastic Surgery to be certain that your surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon.  Best outcomes for all cosmetic surgery procedures are obtained by plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery.  Accept no substitute for a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to perform your breast revision surgery.